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Textile industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of industries in Egypt - including oil & gas, paper and packaging companies, as well as the latest industry news.

Egyptex - M.Tallawi
Mohandessin Giza EG
Producer of technical textile, endless belts felt, air filters, mechanical felts, textiles and interlining for motor car, garments, etc.
Egyptex for Export
Shobra Cairo EG
Egyptex for Export is a private production and mediation textile.
Established in 1990, located in Borg El-Arab City, west of Alexandria, Dintex uses the latest technology in processing of flax materials.
Egyptian Co. for Trade & Industry (Sogic)
El Mansheya El Gedida Alexandria EG
Producer of knitting outer and underwear, 100% cotton and blended T-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, tops, dresses etc.
The finest and soft Egyptian cotton with the use of raw materials and dyeing non-harmful to the environment of child.
Manufacturer of home wear and underwear for men and women from the finest and soft Egyptian cotton.
Egyptian Knitting & Ready Made Co.
El Khanka Qalubia EG
Producer of fabric (cotton, synthetic), ready made garments, knitted outer and under garments for men, women and children.
Importer and exporter of sportswear and instruments.
ETR is the sole distributor of various renowned international suppliers and makers of glassware, flatware, chinaware, tableware etc.
El Abd Co. For Textile
El Gharbeya EG
Elabd company has been established as on1966 by Mr-mohamed elabd the grandfather of the family
El Banna Design Group - Gima
Mohandessin Giza EG
Retail furniture and shop fittings.
El Ghanam Co.
Gharbia El Mahala El Kobra EG
Producer and exporter of weaving textile. Agent of Huge and Kracht.
El Harrania Factory
El Harraneia Giza EG
Producer of kleam, goblian, wool and silk.
Exporters of fabric, yarn, table cloth, home furnishing. Distributors of high quality Egyptian products to many countries around the world.
The first fashion house specializing in veiled women’s elegance & clothing.
El Kotb Textiles Co.
10th of Ramadan Sharqia EG
Producer of warp knitted fabrics made of nylon and polyester. Importer of nylon and polyester filament yarn.
We are El Masria company for trading textiles.
Producer of cotton yarns, cotton fabrics, knitted garments, bed sheets, wool fabrics, blankets.
A leading textile factory in Egypt, specialized in producing the best textiles (towels, bathrobes, beach & kitchen towels).
El Obour El Zahaby T.Ex Co.
Shoubra El Kheima Qalubia EG
Producer of textiles. Importer of materials, bays, machines.
Garment and footwear raw material manufacturers (elastic bands. Medical industry raw materials (gauze, bandages & medical belts)
El Salam for Weaving & Dyeing
El Rahbin Mahala El Kobra EG
Producer of textile, dyeing fabrics, yarn dyeing and processing. Exporter of Egyptian cotton.
El Salam Shopping Center LTD
Heliopolis Cairo EG
Established in 1983, we are specialized in the retail, manufacturing and import of women’s' clothing.
Exporting cotton, waste proplen's wastes, handmade carpets, and also importing machines and polyester and equipment.
El Sayyad Co.
El Dakahleya EG
We are a company specialized in the production of rounded knitted fabrics for all knitting machines (open & rounded).