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Egyptian fashion enthusiasts create urban fashion runways

A group of four Egyptian male models has been holding pop-up photo shoots and catwalks on popular Cairo streets.
28.05.24 | Source: Al Monitor

Fashion shows in Egypt are often hosted in esteemed venues, from luxurious five-star hotels to historically significant landmarks, frequently sponsored by renowned industry figures and brands. A prime example is Dior's strategic decision to showcase its 2023 fall men's collection against the iconic backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza in December 2022.

Conversely, fashion runways in the streets or in popular neighborhoods are uncommon and this is the unconventional approach that the Risky Boys, a group of fashion enthusiasts and content creators in Egypt, have embraced.

The Risky Boys arranged a vibrant catwalk in mid-March at the bustling Friday Market, one of the busiest weekly markets in Cairo. The catwalk showcased both male and female models confidently parading atop a stack of clothes, displaying trendy fashion pieces, surrounded by enthusiastic crowds. 

The video of this captivating catwalk swiftly went viral on social media, garnering significant attention and support for the innovative concept.