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Dairy and Processed Food industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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247001 Saharanpur
We are a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the year 2008 and dealing in imports and exports of tea ,spices and food items etc to middle east
All dairy products of cow milk
We offer Instant Fat Filled Milk powder ,non dairy creamer ,Infant Formula.
Al huda frozen agro foods is indian based company.. deals in all type of buffalo meat @ Offals.
Al-Massat Company is a Joint Venture between Arpadis N.V. a leading European Distribution Company of Chemicals and professional investors in the Mena
76786 elgharbya
ARABEX foodstuff export and.
Arabex export all kinds of pickles, olives, Egyptian cheeses, Syrian cheeses, cookes cheeses and tomato paste.
Bait food is company for producing powders use in kitchen to cook cakes ,gelly,packing powder and patesre raw materials
We have been supplying milk powder, lactose,whey powder,feta cheese,clarified butter and mozzarella cheese to end-users, traders,brokers..
Dalil Trading Group is exporter of agricultural, meet and dairy products. Wheat, wheat flour, rice, milk powder, hard cheese, butter, sausages, etc.
Cirtified agent of harvest food company
42030 Konya
We are producers and exporters from Turkey., Konya.
Our production is:
Halva, Chocolate cream, Tahin and Jams.
The Organizing Committee cordially invites all participants across the globe to attend our prestigious Food Technology Congress 2019
Galaxy Expo Company
364001 Bhavnagar
We are Manufacturer cum Exporter of Dehydrated Vegetables, Indian Peanuts, Dry Red Chilli, Fresh Vegetables, Other Food Products from India.
84014 Nocera Inferiore
We are happy to announce that our company GECOM EXPORT SRL is ready to offer its new canned tomato crop production 2017!
Globe Exports
11727 Cairo
We Globe exportsare exporters of canned products, pasta, flour, biscuits, jams, honey, tahina, halawa, foul, tomato puree, biscuits, wafer,spices&bean
Import and export food stuff specially frozen protein and vegetables.with distribution network covers all Egypt.
110096 Delhi
mfrs. & exporter of all kind of dairy products
We are a small brewery in Alexandria, but we deliver to Cairo and Giza