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The Mobile & Tablet Advertising Market: 2013 – 2020

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Mac Peter | 07.09.2015
Mobile advertising refers to a form of advertising via mobile phones or other mobile devices such as tablets. Although many view mobile advertising as sub-segment of online advertising, its scope is far greater with over 7 Billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. Mobile advertising promises to drive revenue generation opportunities for App developers, advertising networks, mobile platform providers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) alike. Currently in its early years, the market accounts for nearly $17 Billion in annual revenue. The growing penetration of smartphones and tablets has further extended the addressable market for mobile advertising as users spend an increasing amount of their time with these devices. By the end of 2020, tablet based advertising campaigns alone will generate more than $27 Billion in global revenue, following a CAGR of nearly 30% between 2013 and 2020. This report provides an in-depth assessment of the global mobile & tablet advertising market. In addition to covering the business case, the market drivers, the challenges, the industry’s roadmap, the ecosystem, key player profiles & strategies and key industry developments, the report also presents comprehensive forecasts for the mobile & advertising market from 2013 till 2020, including an individual assessment of 2 device form factor submarkets, 9 application & media submarkets, and 25 country submarkets. Tablet and Smartphone shipment forecasts (by OS platform, vendor and region) are also presented in the report due to their profound impact on the size of the mobile & tablet advertising market. Historical figures from 2010, 2011 and 2012 accompany the forecasts. The report comes with an associated Excel datasheet covering quantitative data from all figures presented within the report.

Browse Complete Report with TOC:

Table of Content:
1 Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Topics Covered
1.3 Key Questions Answered
1.4 Key Findings
1.5 Methodology
1.6 Target Audience
1.7 Companies Mentioned
2 Chapter 2: Mobile & Tablet Advertising Marker Models How they Work?
2.1 An Introduction to Mobile & Tablet Advertising
2.2 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Categories
2.2.1 Web Banners
2.2.2 Web Posters
2.2.3 SMS Adverts
2.2.4 MMS Adverts
2.2.5 Audio Adverts
2.2.6 Rich Media
2.3 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Dimensions
2.3.1 Mobile Advert Sizes & Displays
2.4 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Supporting Technologies
2.4.1 SMS
2.4.2 MMS
2.4.3 Mobile WAP
2.4.4 Web 2.0
2.4.5 WAE
2.4.6 WAP Push
2.4.7 Others
2.5 Mobile & Tablet Advertising Formats
2.5.1 PNG
2.5.2 JPEG
2.5.3 GIF
2.5.4 BMP
2.5.5 WBMP
2.6 Revenue Generation Models: How Mobile & Tablet Advertising Works?
2.6.1 Cost Per Impression (CPI)
2.6.2 Cost Per Click (CPC)
2.6.3 Conversion Rate (CR)
2.6.4 Cost Per Install (CPI)

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