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Frozen IQF Strawberry Season

New season for frozen Strawberry
We are UNIVERSAL Co. For Export , Import & Food Supplies (UNIEX).
The largest company in Egypt for manufacturing and exporting for Frozen Vegetables & Fruits , we have customers over the world.
We wish to make co-operation with you.
We can export more of products include:
- Frozen Vegetables & Fruits
- French Fries

For more information about our products we will be happy to visit our web site:

Our products will export by very good condition and our packing by high quality this is by the best international way for packing and the fastest way for shipping.
We can export by any amount you need with the lowest prices, our product from our farms and factory.
In this time we own all quality certificates like as
ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP certificates.

About the author: UNIVERSAL Co. For Export , Import & Food Supplies UNIEX

we are UNIVERSAL Co. One of biggest companies in Egypt for Frozen Fruits,Frozen Vegetables , French Fries , Herbs , spices and Grains by high quality