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Egy Herbs Land: All you need when it comes to herbs

Egy Herbs Land Co. produces and sells leaves, seeds and flowers of different herbs, with the latest machinery.
EGY HERBS LAND | 26.08.2012
We take you that you are aware that the company Egy Herbs Land CO. is specialized in the production of herbs and spices:
1) Leaves : Basil & Marjoram green/grey & Parsley machine dry/sun dry & Lemongrass & Peppermint & Spearmint & Dill & Hibiscus & Celery.
2) Seeds : Dill seeds & Coriander Seeds & Caraway seeds & Aniseeds & Fenugreek seeds & Nigella seeds & Fennel Seeds.
3) Flowers : Hibiscus & Chamomile & Calendula.

We have best new technique machines for screening & preparation our products. We also have best position to supply any quantities anywhere anytime.

Gamal Al Azayzi
Mobile : 020 1068606792
About the author: EGY HERBS LAND

We take you that we are aware of company (Egy Herbs land CO.) is specializing in the production of herbs and spices.