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  • Project: Pharmaceutical Chemicals

    Supply of chemicals to produce insulin, also of other pharmaceutical Chemicals

    10.01.17 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Project: Educational Buildings

    Construction of four basic education shools under 4 contracts

    10.01.17 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Project: Forklift and fire truck tender

    Supply of (a) a forklift Clark on rubber wheels of 6 tons capacity & (b) a heavy duty fire truck to handle both liquid foam & water

    06.09.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Project: photocopiers machines and their accessories

    The supply and installation of (1): (13) photocopier arduous service (35) Picture / d (2): (65) portray ordinary Copiers (20) Picture / d

    06.09.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Project: Export Development Strategy

    Export Development Strategy Of Medical Industries To The African Markets

    06.09.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Project: Transport

    (a) annual transportation of employees via microbus rental, (b) supply of PPE safety winter jackets & (c) annual contract - civil maintenance works

    06.09.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Project: Train Sets (two contracts)

    Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Train Sets - Maintenance of the Train Sets and training

    06.09.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Office Equipment Tender

    furniture, telecommunication, consumables, copiers, computers, software and more

    18.08.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Train Sets tender

    Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Train Sets (6 units), including maintenance and training (theoretical and on-the-job);

    18.08.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Manufacturing tram cars

    Manufacturing of 30 units of tram cars in inhouse workshops

    04.08.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Commercial and supplies for Drainage Projects (2 Lots)

    Lot 1: pvc drainage collector single wall pipes production line and spare parts / Lot 2: Testing Equipment (Laboratory) required for produced pipes

    04.08.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • The purchase of equipment

    The purchase of equipment and save rivers

    04.08.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Maintenance services for Xerox photocopiers

    (RFQ) for repair and maintenance services for the Xerox photocopiers in 2017-2018

    26.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Air Conditioning Replacement

    Provide services to Change all through wall Air Conditioners units by split A/C

    26.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Polyurethan Coating

    NSN 8010014933180 POLYURETHANE COATIN: Qty 100.0 UI KT

    22.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Tender: Supply & construction of a laboratory for criminology affairs

    criminology affairs: analysis, analyzing digital proofs & documents; including the training of the analyzing team on features of the system procured.

    19.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Construction of platforms & walkways along Roads

    Construction of platforms & walkways along central islands of internal & external Roads at Sphinx Area in the City

    19.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Supply of equipment in 5 lots

    Equipment for lots: (1) tourism ; (2) agribusiness and food processing ; (3) industrial engineering ; (4) construction; (5) ready-made garment

    14.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Supply of network infrastructure hardware and software

    supply, delivery, unloading and carriage, installation, commissioning and operating instruction orientation - server, storage, computers ...

    14.07.16 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Remote control, security and communication equipment

    Envelopes will be opened on the 25th of November.

    12.11.15 | Information and Decision Support Center