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We are currently undertaking an International Campaign in Egypt to promote Mallorca as a great Tourism and Investment destination for Top Egyptian Businessmen, Companies & Corporations.

Along with Egypt & Spain, our campaign will also target US, China, UK and all the EU countries (very especially Germany).

The Campaign has several main objectives:

1. To inform our Egypt-Business audience that we generate direct contacts and contracts between Egyptian businessmen with Spanish CEO’s of the top Companies in Spain in the sectors of Construction, Real Estate, Tourism Services & Agri-food.

2. For Egyptian Construction companies and Real Estate developers and agencies we can provide, to Egyptian businessmen and Investors, uniquely advantages and economic conditions if they want to buy, rent or sell Luxury Property in Mallorca (Spain)

3. Special Investment conditions can be provided to Egyptian businessmen, companies and corporations also in the fields of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality (hotels and hotel chains), and Agri-food sectors.

4. We will generate direct business contacts and contracts between Egyptian Companies interested in doing business in/with Spain/Spanish companies in the sectors mentioned above.

Patricia Pal +34 696 972 212