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Surfing the cloud

Everyone is talking about the cloud. The latest issue of our think: act SPECIAL magazine reveals the business models behind it.

The cloud economy uses the technology of Web 2.0, social networks and cloud computing to map social and commercial activities in a logical way. Cloud computing means providing IT services in which private and corporate customers can flexibly pay for what they actually use instead of a flat rate. In this system, the data to be processed resides with a third-party provider somewhere in the data center, and the user accesses it through a website.

Buzzword or the next big thing?

There are several reasons to believe that the cloud economy represents a totally new form of value creation – the next step after the digital economy.

The numbers are impressive. Here are a few examples:

- 680 million users are registered on Facebook

- Video-sharing website YouTube receives about 92 billion clicks each month

- By 2013, companies will spend USD 2.6 billion on Web 2.0 applications

In the pages

In our think: act SPECIAL, we have compiled the most important facts about the cloud economy and charted the universe of terms, networks and platforms. Roland Berger CEO Martin Wittig and internet strategy consultant Sascha Lobo discuss in an interview what strategies companies can pursue with the help of the cloud. Furthermore Roland Berger Partner Björn Bloching explains how companies can leverage web-based customer data.

In addition, we look at how companies can use the cloud for their market research, innovation activities and marketing.