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5 good reasons for more digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most powerful discipline in marketing today because companies can reach more potential customers with less effort.
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Egypt Business analyses the digital marketing of the 500 most prominent Egyptian enterprises. This paper is #1 a series of papers on digital marketing in Egypt.

Most companies are currently expanding their digital marketing capacities and increasing their budgets. There are 5 reasons for this.

More reach

Almost everyone uses the internet today. There are 5.9 billion internet users worldwide, which is 62.5 percent of the world's population. In Egypt, 72 percent of the people use the internet. No other medium offers such a high reach when it comes to addressing potential customers.

International markets 

Export-oriented companies in particular can reach new customers all over the world with little effort. It makes no difference whether a website is accessed in Africa, Europe or America. The competencies of a company and the strengths of its products can be read worldwide. Through detailed descriptions, pictures and videos, a potential customer can get a comprehensive picture of an Egyptian company without having to visit a trade fair stand or request information material.

Fast processes

Today, no one wants to wait long. In digital marketing, customer needs can be met in real time. Everything can be done quickly and conveniently at the click of a mouse. Even individual enquiries can be answered immediately. This is done with chatbots, which can map the knowledge of an entire company via artificial intelligence. Such tools will soon be affordable even for small companies.

Genuine interest

When a potential customer is looking for something on the internet, he or she is genuinely interested at that moment. The probability that a purchase will be made is much higher than in classical marketing. People who are active in search engines have a need that a company can meet.


Specific target groups

Different target groups should be addressed differently. The internet offers better possibilities to define the target group. This can be done online with little effort. A user's interest can be targeted. Different target groups can be better addressed with individual advertising messages. There are more possibilities to transport the advertising message. This way, a company can offer the most suitable product to the right customers with the most convincing arguments. 


Egypt Business analyses the digital marketing of the 500 most prominent Egyptian enterprises. This paper is the first of a series of papers on digital marketing in Egypt. See also:
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