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Marketing Automation Checklist

Automation makes marketing more efficient. More new leads can be acquired. Revenue from existing customers can be increased.
Torsten Schwarz | 14.02.2021

These are 20 examples how marketing automation can be applied. Starting next Saturday, you can listen to digital marketing experts on "Digital Marketing in Egypt" on the new app Clubhouse moderated by Sherin Ewase to get more inspiration.

Marketing Resource Management
Marketing teams need to manage more campaigns with more disparate agencies. Marketing activities are to be managed with fewer and fewer human and financial resources by teams working at times in home offices. Marketing Resource Management leads to more transparency, efficiency, speed and agility.

Lead tracking
Automatically records, documents and evaluates which leads were acquired on which channels and with which advertising media.

Touchpoint attribution
The influence of individual touchpoints on the decision in favor of a provider or product can be evaluated automatically, thus optimizing conversion.

Determine customer journey
Based on all available data, it is automatically determined at which decision point in the customer journey a prospect is currently at.

Customer data platform
All customer interactions on all communication channels can be analyzed centrally in one place.

Advertising optimization
Automatically analyzes which combination of image elements and claims produces the most responders.

Programmatic Advertising
The advertising material is automatically played to the right prospective customer on the right platform.

Target group selection
Automatic testing determines which target groups have a particular affinity for the offer.

The system automatically determines which people are most similar to your CRM data. At Google this is called Customer Match, at Facebook Lookalike Audience.

If a prospective customer was on your own website without buying, he will be offered the desired product again on other websites.

Confirmation of contact data
The double opt-in automatically determines whether an e-mail address or cell phone number really comes from the consenting person.

Inquire about interests
During a registration process, additional information could be requested automatically using a form.

Personalize content
Website content can be personalized using information from previous visits. All CRM data is used in e-mails.

Create automated campaigns
Trigger campaigns are automatically triggered by an action of the recipient. The most common are welcome messages directly after a new registration.

Birthday or name day
Any date can be used to send automated congratulations. The latest craze is product purchase anniversaries.

Appointment reminder
An automated reminder can save a lot of hassle. For example, when the garage reminds you of the TÜV appointment that is due.

An offer is automatically played out when someone comes near a store. Or after spending hours in front of the notebook shelves, an offer is sent by e-mail when the customer leaves the store without buying anything.

Dynamic Content
If it rains on Thursday, an umbrella is automatically offered when the e-mail is opened, and sunglasses when it is sunny.

Reactivating inactive readers
Those who have had enough of automated emails and no longer respond automatically receive a heart-pounding reactivation campaign.

Consent Management
Automatically records the tracking consent visitors give to the website. Consent revocations are managed automatically.


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