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3 ways to personalize your e-commerce business

Payfort suggests that personalization of just adding the user's name to an email is no longer helpful, a more tailored experience means more sales. | 09.02.2020

Personalizing the experience for your customers online is not only important, it is the future. It means bossting both revenues and loyalty to your product or service.

Customer serveys showed that there is nothing more frustrating for online shoppers than getting recommendations that they can't relate to

In the e-commerce world, Payfort suggests three startegies to make your e-commerce business more personalized.

1- Track the pages they visit:

This can work for both customers who are signed in on an account or those who are not. Those who are signed in can see recently viewed items while those who are not can get recommendations based on the last pages they viewed.

2- Reminders of what they left behind:

Shoppers who leave things in their cart without completing the transaction are not lost, you can get them back via email reminders of the items they left behind.

3- Past purchases:

Returning customers have to have their own personalized experience based on their past purchases. It is also advisable if you sell products that run out after a specific time or have a known lifespan to keep track of it and send to your consumers before they run out to get them to re-purchase.



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