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Should Egypt's businessmen use Samsung's Galaxy S4?

Samsung’s “Life Companion” Galaxy S4 might not be a must-have for an average Egyptian, but it does have beneficial treats for Egypt’s businessman.

The Galaxy just got slimmer, lighter and stronger.


In the 29 new features that the fresh smartphone offers its users, here are the ones that would prove themselves efficient in the business world:

1. Transform business-cards into contacts: The S4 can detect contact details on business cards and transforms them automatically into the phone’s contact list.

BC Transformer

2. The S4 follows your eyes while you read a file or watch a video: Instead of wasting effort and using your finger to scroll down a webpage while reading or pause a video, the Galaxy S4 detects your eye-movements and does that for you via its Optical Reader. You look further down: it scrolls the page up. You look away: it pauses the video on the display.

3. Answer your phone with a wave of your hand: The time when you had to touch your phone in order to answer it is over. A wave of your hand in front of the screen automatically answers the caller and puts him on speakerphone. This is especially convenient while driving.

4. S-Translator: Business people tend to travel frequently to the different corners of the world. When unable to speak the language of the destination, it can be hard to find one’s way around. S Translator can juggle between 10 different languages – including Arabic – and instantly translate phrases. One can either type in the sentence or speak it out loud – either way, the S4 spits out the equivalent in the language of preference to the user and can even speak it out loud.


5. Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing: The ChatON application allows three parties to share a video call and even share their screens.

6. Easily share documents with other Samsung S4 devices through the Group Play Feature.

7. Watch your health: Through the S4's built in S Health software, users can keep track of their health. Through a combination of sensors, the device systematically and automatically monitors your health, food, exercise, sleep etc. and can even count calories.

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