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The ugly truth of Entrepreneurship

Thinking of escaping the rat race? Want to enjoy the financial freedom?
You would love people to call you an entrepreneur?
Ayman Ismail | 22.01.2013
No one can ignore the beauty of being an entrepreneur, being self employed or even a business owner, Also no one can deny the direct effect of entrepreneurship in enhancing the society economical and social welfare.

In this article, we will discuss the other side of entrepreneurship.

The first ugly truth is the related to the stress and pressure you will carry on your shoulders once you decided to quit your job and started your own business, facts stated that 75% of the world entrepreneurs (Egypt is aligned with these figures) started their own business out of necessity, and they are just following their passion.

The second ugly truth is related to the support you might get once you started, we are talking about governmental and NGO’s support.
We cannot deny the efforts done by the government in the last five years, but still these efforts are not enough at all to create the entrepreneurial environment and culture.
Egypt needs to revise its entrepreneurial structure, policies, support and mindset.
Also, although we have around 350 entities working in the entrepreneurship area, still we do not have the should be impact, Unification of efforts is vital and lobbying is a key success factor of these organizations endeavors.

The third ugly truth is simplified in one word (INNOVATION), the word innovation is gold plated in a way that really forms a block stone to many who needs to start their businesses.
Innovation is not doing the impossible, is not inventing something no one ever heard of, simply innovation is doing things in a different creative way, if you are doing your job in a different way, you are innovative, if you adapt processes and theories to match your business, this is innovation.

Finally, just put these facts in front of you before quitting your job, accept the challenges, be ready to fail and enjoy the journey.
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About the author: Ayman Ismail

Mashro3ee(My project)initiative leader in MCSBE (Middle east council for small business and entrepreneurship), Trainer .