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E-Marketing: Discover the ugly truth of offline marketing

Are you still dedicating your efforts in offline marketing activities? You are still doing regular events, seminars and print outs? Well read this.
Ayman Ismail | 18.12.2012
First let’s answer the question what is e-Marketing and how companies are doing e-Marketing?
Chartered institute of marketing defined e-Marketing as the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas, product, and services that satisfy the goals of both parties.
Nowadays, companies are doing e-business in five different ways:
Online brands: These are virtual brands that only exists online and mainly they are doing two services whether e-commerce like amazon,trade key,souq,etc… or informational service like bey2ollak,etc…
Social media and online portals: Facebook, Twitter, etc… are good examples
B2B and B2C business: Online banking, billing information, common used by telecommunication and finance sectors
Start ups & entrepreneurs: cost efficient way to reach masses to promote their products and services.
Online advertisement: mainly done through pop-ups and daughter windows
Well, so does this online environment exist? In other words, if I did online marketing what will be my ROI? And will it be cost effective in comparison with offline marketing?
The answer is a big YES, the online environment exist, Statistics recently released by e-marketing Egypt and Dubai press club show that the online penetration in Egypt is around 32%, this means more than 25 million of total population are using internet for an average of 3 hours daily.
Egypt revenues from internet represents around 1.2% of annual GDP, looks like a small percentage but you will be surprised to know it is the same percentage shared by educational and health sectors.
Internet advertisement nowadays represents 3% of total advertisement spending and with a growth rate of 67%, the highest growth rate among all marketing activities.
So whatever you are a company or an entrepreneur, you should start planning your online marketing activities, re-evaluate your offline activities, put them on the table and start execution.