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The elected president & the economy: The new era of "Morsy"-ism

As the current president of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Morsy plans to transform Egypt into a developmental economy.
Dr. Mohamed Morsy has now officially become the new elected president of Egypt. Realizing that the economy plays a major role in bringing the country forward and developing various industries, Morsy plans to turn Egypt into a developmental economy. Below are the details of what his campaign has planned for the economic field:

1. Rapid and comprehensive transformation from an income or rentier economy to a productive or value-added economy, within the boundaries of an information and production society, through 100 national projects (each exceeding a billion dollars) guaranteeing the multiplication of Gross Domestic Product in five years at an annual growth rate of 6.5-7%.

2. Reforming the banking system to ensure it performs its principal role in supporting the national economy at different levels, while providing developmentally-appropriate monetary tools to ensure the effective participation of the banking sector in development projects and to ensure its focus on priorities.

3. Developing a program to support small and medium scale enterprises to provide a suitable environment for the advancement and sufficient activation of this economic segment by:

a. Providing necessary technical support for selecting, developing, and managing these projects.

b. Providing a training and certification program for the required management and technical cadres.

c. Providing the financial studies and tools necessary and appropriate for these projects.

d. Providing a legislative climate that guarantees small scale businesses' access to full opportunities of fair competition.

e. Creating societies and syndicates to support this segment.

f. Providing marketing opportunities and permanent exhibitions.

To find out more about the economic plans and strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood, read "Dear Muslim Brotherhood, how about business?":
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