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20 Most Expensive AdWords in Google

The most expensive word on earth is “Insurance”, closely followed by “Loans” – Google gives words value to gain advertising revenue.
Gehad Hussein | 19.10.2011
In any Google-search, Adwords appear on the right side of the screen or in a yellow highlighted box at the top, right before the search result. Yes, AdWords in Google are sponsored advertisements.

Each time a “Searcher” clicks on a company’s advertisement on Google, the company pays a specified sum of money (cost-per-click) – depending on the keywords it included in the ad.

Simply, this means that each word a company adds in its Google Ads has a price, and the company pays for the amount of clicks it gets. Last year, Google made $32.2 billion in advertising revenue. This represents about 97% of its total income.

Internet Marketing Blog WordStream conducted a study trying to find the most expensive AdWords, and here are the top 20:

[The percentages correspond to the number of keywords in the top 10,000 keywords that belong to that category.]

1. Insurance: 24 percent of keywords; top Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of $54.91
2. Loans: 12.8 percent of keywords; top CPC of $44.28
3. Mortgage: 9 percent; $47.12
4. Attorney: 3.6 percent; $47.07
5. Credit: 3.2 percent, $36.06
6. Lawyer: 3 percent; $42.51
7. Donate: 2.5 percent; $42.02
8. Degree: 2.2 percent; $40.61
9. Hosting: 2.2 percent; $31.91
10. Claim: 1.4 percent; $45.51
11. Conference Call: 0.9 percent; $42.05
12. Trading: 0.8 percent; $33.19
13. Software: 0.8 percent; $35.29
14. Recovery: 0.7 percent; $42.03
15. Transfer: 0.6 percent; $29.86
16. Gas/Electricity: 0.6 percent; $54.62
17. Classes: 0.5 percent; $35.04
18. Rehab: 0.5 percent; $33.59
19. Treatment: 0.4 percent; $37.18
20. Cord Blood: 0.4 percent; $27.80

So a company should watch out how many words it adds to its advertisement on Google, and most importantly which kind of words it uses.

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