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Suez Cement participates in Interbuild Exhibition with its innovative "transparent" cement

SCGC will participate in the Interbuild Exhibition which takes place from 23rd -27th June, 2011 at the Cairo Conference Hall in Nasr City.
Suez Cement Group | 27.07.2011
Cairo, 21st June 2011. Suez Cement group of Companies (SCGC) will participate in the Interbuild Exhibition which takes place from 23rd -27th June, 2011 at the Cairo Conference Hall in Nasr City. The company will unveil for the first time a number of innovative products and services which provide unique solutions aimed at meeting the needs of both individuals and companies. Two of those innovative products are “i.light” a kind of cement that filters in light, and “TX-ACTIVE® , which is a self cleaning and de-polluting cement. Both products are the first of their kind in the world.

"SCGC is taking part in this year's exhibition despite the exceptional circumstances which the Egyptian market is going through. We believe that the construction sector will remain a main driver of several economic sectors and that it can help move the Egyptian economy forward and accelerate growth rates," said SCGC Managing Director, Roberto Callieri.

One of the breakthrough products being unveiled at Interbuild is i.light, an innovative product to create panels made with a cement product basis which let the light through without compromising the structural integrity. “The cement looks exactly the same as normal concrete from a distance, but actually has a transparent grid that gives the effect of dozens of tiny holes in it. During the daytime, this transparent cement lets the light filter in, a bit like large windows,” says Stefano Gallini, Marketing Director. In effect the element made with i.light, by including appropriately sized and transparent polymer?based inserts, is able to take advantage of its transparency properties on a macroscopic scale. Such transparency properties become apparent not only in the element’s ability to transmit natural and artificial light, but also in the fact that the human eye can reconstruct images of objects placed beyond the built element.

SCGC, which is one of Egypt's largest cement producers, has an industrial network of five production facilities located in Suez, Kattameya, Tourah, Helwan and El Minya, which produce approximately 12 million metric tons of clinker per year. With a diversified portfolio of over 25 products and two of the oldest cement companies in Egypt: Helwan Cement and Tourah Portland Cement, Callieri is proud that most of the buildings and some of Egypt’s best known landmarks have some of the Company’s cement in them. “ Our understanding of the market and response to its needs are a combination of yesterday's experience and tomorrow's technology," said Callieri.