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The Egyptian Revolution and IT Solutions Cause a Swarm Over the Egyptian Pavilion

The Egyptian pavilion in CeBIT exhibition 2011 sponsored by ITIDA, witnessed a pool of visitors hailing the Egyptian revolution of 25th January.
The Egyptian pavilion in CeBIT exhibition 2011 sponsored by ITIDA, witnessed a pool of visitors hailing the Egyptian revolution of 25th January. The Egyptian revolution of 25th of January, in addition to the distinguished products showcased by the Egyptian companies, were the most important attractions.

While the Egyptian flag occupied a prominent place in the pavilion, visitors flocked to the exhibition to learn more about the impact of the temporary internet interruption and communications disconnection on the information technology (IT) sector during the first days of the revolution. Despite the negative impact of such rash step, most journalists and specialists visiting the pavilion agreed that the world looks positively to the Egyptian economy as a whole and to ICT sector distinctively.

Discussions at the Egyptian pavilion reflected that the ability of Egyptian youth to deal positively with IT tools is highly appreciated. Such appreciation proves that depending on Egyptian talents in the ICT sector is the right path to achieve higher growth rates of ICT sector in Egypt in the coming short period.

The showcasing Egyptian companies agreed that high-level specialized pioneers marked the exhibition. These pioneers were capable of identifying competitive products and specialized services. Moreover, Egyptian companies gave visitors the opportunity to choose among competitive prices and high quality services.

Among the Egyptian companies that received a distinguished response is Middle East Communications Systems (MCS). MCS offered smart solutions for homes, topping the list of companies in automatic house management. It helps home owners to control all facilities at home, such as lightening, controlling temperature, curtains electronically. The company offered global IT solutions for managing smart houses with reasonable prices comparing to the European prices.

Technivance was among important Egyptian companies during the exhibition.

Technivance provided software development services, IT solutions and enjoys a wide experience in building and designing websites specialized in e-commerce.

Among these activities, Technivance’s CEO helped in building-up a website named “Talabatna”- (our demands)- allowing visitors to express their points of view about topics related to the 25th of January revolution and voting on issues disclosing the identity of all visitors.

Attracting many visitors, the website can be accessed through facebook account. Even Tunisian visitors came to learn more about the idea and its applications, especially that the new website is restricted to Egyptians till this moment.

Advanced Computer Technology (ACT) is another company that witnessed a large boom in the Egyptian pavilion at the CeBIT exhibition.

ACT provides excellent services in connection with ICT solutions as well as offering full support and after-sale services for its customers in line with the clients’ needs.

ACT offers a group of specialized solutions encompassing Enterprise Asset Management which allows companies to grasp the relationship between improving the assets performance and rising growth rates during the coming years.

Also participating at the Egyptian pavilion is the Nile Technology and Advanced solutions (NAT) company. NAT is specialized in designing softwares related to GPS programs and incorporate them in integrated systems. The company was mainly preoccupied by international GPS applications and services.

But lately, it released a website called “2FindMe”. NAT company worked in collaboration with various multilateral companies in the IT domain, such as Microsoft, Borland Software Corporation and Vodafone.