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Social Networking Site,, Official Launch, Jan, 2011

Business Ark announced the official launch of a business oriented social networking website
Business Ark | 26.07.2011
January 29, 2011

Business Ark finally announced the official launching of its’ social networking website, Mongerz tries to re-innovate the way vendors and customers interact, by allowing vendors to know customers’ wishes. This concept, not only satisfy the customers by fulfilling their needs, but also allows vendors to play a positive role in the customers’ life.

“ is designed in response to the absence of tools encouraging positive interaction between vendors and customers. Now a days, vendors just wait customers drop by, they don’t actively pursue customers needs,” stated Haytham Adel, CEO of Business Ark.

He Added, “That’s were Mongerz comes in, providing tools for the vendors to see what users are wishing for, while preserving the customers confidentiality data and privacy.”

One of the major obstacles that faced the development team was privacy concerns. “Preserving users’ privacy, Without sacrificing usability, had been a fundamental concept in Mongerz design,” said one of the developers.

Business Ark is a company set to create an integrated environment for facilitating direct communication between customers and vendors. Business Ark aims also for increasing the efficiency of the communication and introducing vendors directly into individuals' daily activities and their interests in specific products or their need in a every stage in their lives which requires the purchase of certain services.