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Raya launches an initiative to develop Abaza Village for the coming five years

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, Raya adopted Abaza Village in Al Fayoum to develop its infrastructure.
Raya Holding | 15.08.2011
In line with its commitment to sustainable development, Raya adopted Abaza Village in Al Fayoum to develop its infrastructure, health conditions and education sector, in cooperation with Bedaya NGO. Raya’s corporate social responsibility team launched the initiative in 2010 and is going to dedicate its efforts in the coming five years in projects that will have long-term impact on the society, with a special focus on health and education.

In the coming period, Raya will launch several projects to raise Abaza’s living conditions, such as installing a water purification unit for the village, ceiling renovations for villagers, financing income-generating micro projects, and –most importantly- funding education for young students.

In 2011, Raya is committed to establish a water purification unit to supply the village with clean water for drinking, a problem that has been persistently causing more and more kidney failure cases in the area. The unit will be installed with the aim to control the spread of kidney failure in Abaza Village. In addition, Raya will also launch “Adopt a student” initiative in Abaza Village, which will allow children, whose families cannot afford school expenses, to have a fair chance for education.

Since December 2010, Raya has started implementation of several projects including the house renovation, and micro-financing projects. Raya successfully renovated and built wrecked houses to protect villagers from Al Fayoum’s cold and rain during the winter season.

With around 65% unemployment in the area, Raya invested in income generating micro-finance projects to empower poor families to have their own businesses as part of Raya’s sustainable development strategy. The sponsorship is in form of a loan for unprivileged families, which is repaid back on two years to be re-invested in another income generating project for another family. Projects include sheep and goats for families to sell their produce and sustain their families.

"We have chosen Abaza Village in Al Fayoum because it is one of the Egyptian villages that are denied their very basic rights to health and education. The poverty the village suffers and the lack of basic infrastructure make it impossible for Abaza Village to develop and to cope with the increasing prices and to be productive enough to contribute to the Egyptian economy. And this is our role. We want to allow Abaza to be able to stand on its own feet and sustain itself in a way that can be fruitful to Egypt’s economy,” stated Medhat Khalil, Raya Holding Chairman and CEO.

Khaled Kamal, Chairman of Bedaya NGO, “we’ve been working with Raya for several years. But this new project in Abaza Village marks the beginning of a sustainable and long-term initiative in Abaza Village to allow the area to stand on its feet through contributing to the main fundamentals of development, namely health and education, as well as Abaza’s infrastructure. ”

Abaza Village is an underprivileged village in Al Fayoum with a population of 25,000. The village suffers from lack of supply of clean water, which in turn causes ten percent of the population to suffer from kidney failure. Abaza Village lacks electricity, ceilings and roofs for the houses and education.