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Donation to Egyptian charity Banati

As part of the Embassy's charitable work a donation of 10.000 EGP was given to the Egyptian organisation BANATI.
Embassy of Denmark | 26.07.2011
BANATI is a modern, clean and bright environment that has 60 children to date, while its full capacity is 150 –200 children and is located in 6th of October city. The children are provided with basic education, proper hygiene, medical and psychological care.

The rehabilitation program is two-fold: First are the workshops provided through Sawaseyya, which is one of the projects of Banati, that fine-tunes their mental and creative faculties such as Abjad literacy and Montessori programs, hands-on fun science experiments, creative thinking exercises, mural painting, puppet play design and production, Photography, and a singing choir. Regarding formal education, we already have 12 girls in school to date while the other 48 are in Banati literacy programs, and we’re working on enrolling all school-age girls in school next year. Second, vocational training is provided through entities in Haram City such as the waste recycling project Irtiqaa, the laundry, the restaurant, and the Sewing Center. The aim of the second approach is to dampen the lure of the street for the girls when they feel empowered and start generating their own incomes.

The reception team conducts regular field visits to the community in need and provides them with medical services, food, clothes and psychological support to encourage them to abandon their street life and move into the Banati shelter. We meet an average of 400 children on the streets every month.

The reception center is located in Old Cairo, and receives the children for daily visits. During this short time the children are exposed to psychological and social reconditioning through creative play and positive nurturing. Each child is given food, clothing and toys to encourage them to return to the center and slowly leave the street life. We see on average 300 children per month over five working days.