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Culture Leadership International

The British Council is pleased to announce the call for applications for its Cultural Leadership International (CLI) programme 2011.
Do you see yourself as a cultural leader?

The British Council is pleased to announce the call for applications for its Cultural Leadership International (CLI) programme 2011. This is the third year we are running this programme which facilitates leadership networking and exchange in the broader cultural and creative industries. The programme focuses on supporting a new generation of cultural leaders to understand the political, social and economic power of culture and to develop an active, international network of future cultural leaders.

This year we are supporting three Egyptian participants. Successful candidates will take part in a four-day leadership development workshop in Istanbul in October 2011. Participants will also work on a professional development plan which can include courses, placements and visits with UK cultural organisations. The professional development plan will be implemented between January and December 2012 and will be funded through a grant of £3000.

Throughout the world, the creative and cultural sector is growing in complexity and importance.
The sector has a unique and vital socio-economic role to play in rapidly-changing and unstable times, and it is crucial that its future leaders develop ideas, skills and networks to drive the sector forward and ensure its relevance to the changing societies around it. In our interdependent world, international dialogue and knowledge exchange will give them vital access to international opportunities and networks where they can share solutions, learn from successful models, and develop partnerships and common platforms to tackle similar challenges.

For three consecutive years, the British Council has supported the professional development of successful candidates in diverse culture sectors. This ranged from theatre performers, directors and filmmakers to scriptwriters and cultural editors.

Salam Yousry, who is a theatre director and founder of Al-Tamye Theatre Company, commented on his own experience saying ’The CLI network surely is and will remain a great help for the participants of this programme, to find more possibilities and further opportunities and to reach and help each other which brings more perspective to their work and leads to better communication with their societies and world wide.’

‘It was very beneficial to get a broader scope of how art as a means of expression is used and produced by different people from various countries regardless of how different their cultures and languages are from one another.’ Salam added.

The programme is generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

For more information about the programme and to download an application form, please visit The deadline for applications is 25 August 2011.