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Aria's celebrating its 20th birthday!

Since 1991, Aria Systems has been the premium choice for software in the apparel industry.
Aria Systems | 25.07.2011
Since 1991, Aria Systems has been the premium choice for software in the apparel industry. Our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction has kept us on our toes in this ever changing environment. Since its inception, Aria’s software has evolved with the times, leading the way for others to follow. The evolution has ranged over many areas, from our products to our markets, and in celebration of Aria’s 20th birthday, we would like to take a step back and remember key changes that have shaped what Aria Systems is today.

Aria Systems had its humble beginnings in the New York City Garment District in 1991, where we offered a complete system for apparel manufacturers and importers, that was key to the modernization of the garment and fashion industry. In 1995 we released the first fully integrated Windows apparel software, making a giant step in user friendliness and accessibility. The year 2000 was a year of product expansion for Aria with the addition of Product Development Management, factory systems, and retail POS to the product line.

As business became increasingly globalized, it was vital for a business to be connected with partners. Aria’s path in development made a crucial change towards the Internet. In 2005 we added the Customer Web Access and the Supplier Web Access which connected users to their partners online to streamline communication and work flow. When in 2006 Aria began offering hosting of clients’ systems, it was obvious that some big changes were soon to follow. In 2009 we experienced our latest advancement which has epitomized our view that continual technological advancement for our software is a must.

The most recent jump is one of the most impressive yet. Aria software has moved to the clouds! Our hosted Software As A Service (SAAS) is available anywhere with Internet availability and gives users the power to do a lot more for less. The cloud allows us to easily supply you with efficient and timely updates and support. Since all your software is on our cloud, there’s no need for any servers or related hardware on site. Having your Aria software hosted on servers in one of the largest professional data centers in the USA means that your software will always be up to date, and that our dedicated support crew can connect and help you directly. Aria was moved to the cloud in our ongoing campaign to deliver the ultimate value. We’ve redesigned our products and services from the bottom up to fit into this new online environment. Results of our value campaign are defined by the creation of our shared web based multi tenant platform to run products globally, as well as the movement of services such as training, support, and consulting to the web in an attempt to create a complete Aria online user experience.