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What do consumers expect from AI?

Here we tackle AI recommendations desired by consumers, based on insights from Adobe Digital Trends report to help Egyptian marketers stay ahead.
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Adobe's Digital Trends 2024 report offers valuable insights into consumer attitudes and expectations regarding personalized marketing strategies and the use of AI. These findings are particularly relevant for marketers in Egypt, who can adapt their strategies to meet the specific wants and needs of their local audience.

  1. Increase Focus on Personalization

The report reveals that 68 percent of consumers believe personalized recommendations are important and support the use of AI to enhance personalization. Egyptian marketers should leverage this positive attitude by expanding their personalization strategies. By using AI, they can offer tailored recommendations and content based on individual customer needs and preferences.

  1. Prioritize Data Protection and Responsibility

While consumers value personalized experiences, they are also concerned about data privacy. According to the report, 88 percent of respondents expect brands to handle their data responsibly. Egyptian marketers should be transparent about their data usage practices and ensure they only collect and use necessary data. By adhering to strict data protection policies, they can build and maintain long-term customer trust.

  1. Respect Data Usage Preferences

Consumers are willing to share certain data for personalization, such as age and gender (52 percent), but are hesitant about sensitive data like race (20 percent) and income (16 percent). Marketers in Egypt should respect these preferences and focus on less sensitive data to gain customer trust.

  1. Expand the Use of Generative AI

Nearly a third (32 percent) of marketers are already using generative AI for content creation. Egyptian marketers should continue to explore and utilize this technology to boost the efficiency and creativity of their campaigns. Generative AI can help create personalized emails, messages, and visual content tailored to customers' preferences.

  1. Ensure Quality and Transparency

While generative AI offers numerous benefits, maintaining the quality of generated content is crucial. The report highlights that 56 percent of marketers see ensuring high quality and customer trust as the biggest challenge. Quality control mechanisms should be in place to ensure the relevance and appropriateness of AI-generated content. Transparency about AI usage can further increase consumer trust.

  1. Enhance the Customer Experience

A seamless and consistent experience across all channels is important to 71 percent of consumers. Integrated and cross-platform campaigns can provide Egyptian customers with a better overall experience, leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates.

  1. Develop Industry-Specific Personalization Strategies

Consumer expectations regarding personalization vary across industries. For instance, 28 percent of respondents expect their bank to address them personally in all digital communications, while only 12 percent expect this from food companies. Egyptian marketers should consider these industry differences and tailor their personalization strategies accordingly.


The Adobe Digital Trends Report 2024 provides clear guidance on how marketers in Egypt can optimize their strategies to meet the increasing demands of consumers. By enhancing the use of AI for personalization, prioritizing privacy and data responsibility, ensuring the quality of generated content, and creating interactive and seamless customer experiences, marketers can significantly improve their effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


A version of this article was published on Marketing Boerse.