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AI is creating new business models

In this week's digital news podcast, our CEO Dr. Torsten Schwarz discusses how AI is bringing new business models.
ChatGPT © Unsplash


AutoGPT brings new jobs.


The open-source app AutoGPT was developed by the game developer Toran Bruce Richard. It can autonomously complete tasks, which means it's better than AI tools like ChatGPT because it acts autonomously, but of course, it uses ChatGPT. 

You can create a website, you can research a topic, you can get a market overview or you can organize your children's birthday party. The tool can find good locations, can think about games to play, and can order all this if you give it your credit card number. What does that mean for companies? Put your employees to work on an AI project or with AutoGPT.


CGPT revolutionizes email


The port authorities have to be contacted when you are on a boat responsible for the members with different nationalities and changing crew members, it might be quite a job to communicate with the immigration authorities about the regulations, COVID, travel plans, and each thing has to be with a single email. It's a lot of emails and these people are going, it's driving them crazy. And now, a company named Grey Wing, it's a maritime intelligence platform from Singapore, they developed an auto-GPT application, which means an autonomously acting tool that has all 18,300 perks worldwide in the database and can answer emails fully automatically.


There is no time lag because there is an immediate response to any request from the port authorities who need special information. What does that mean for you as a company? Identify areas within your company where AI may help to make things easier.


Microsoft attacks Adobe


You all know CorelDRAW or InDesign or Illustrator, they are products by the graphic design company Adobe. And now Microsoft has Microsoft Designer. It can make presentations, can make posters, can make digital postcards, invitations, graphics, and everything using AI.

Dell E version 2 is behind it and it's free. As a website, you can get it through the browser Edge or with Microsoft 365 in the future. So what does that mean for you as a company? Tell your graphic designer to use these tools, and tell them to use AI tools like stable diffusion or mid-journey in order to be more productive.


Amazon leaves Apple in front

Amazon started too late with their health service Halo and people didn't accept it so they will close it down by the end of July this year. They had fitness bands, they had a fitness tracker, they had a sleep tracker even with an intelligent alarm function, but it didn't work because the customers, they want ECG, they wanted atrial fibrillation, and this was missing. So Apple is running and Apple, the Apple Watch has all this. So the customers, they get refunds and they close down the whole service. 

What does that mean for you as a company? If you do something, do it really well and become number one or there is no other chance. 


Netflix loves advertising


You know the subscription model of Netflix and they have, about one year ago, they invented the model and now this advertising model is being enhanced to full HD. That means 1080 pixels instead of 720. You pay only 5 Euro in Germany. The normal basic version still has 700 and low resolution 720-pixel low resolution and the other one, the cheaper one has a better resolution.

Why that? Because Netflix is making more money with the customers. The customers of the advertising model, they have a higher income and so they are more interested and as such you get more money through advertising. What does that mean for you as a company? Be cautious when you have paid content models. Sometimes you earn more money if you do both paid content plus advertising revenues. 


China loves AI


Stanford University has just published its annual report called Artificial Intelligence Index Report, where they analyzed the research institutions worldwide the top ten are nine Chinese research institutions and only the MIT from the US is from these countries.

We hope that in the future there will be Egyptian, at least one Egyptian university in the Artificial Intelligence Index Report.