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Trimetis opens new delivery centre in Cairo

Egypt is placing significant focus on expanding as an offshore location for Europe; with Trimetis and many other international IT service providers.
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The Trimetis Group, a Vienna-based consulting and IT services company with several holdings, is now strengthening its delivery capabilities in the software sector with a new delivery centre in Cairo. This provides high-quality IT services in the areas of software development and testing. Egypt is placing significant focus on expanding as an offshore location for Europe; Trimetis and many other international IT service providers are seizing this opportunity.

The IT skills shortage in Europe prompts companies to seriously consider expanding into nearby foreign countries, across Europe's borders. Trimetis currently operates an IT nearshoring centre in Poland and has been preparing for months to expand to a location outside core Europe. Cairo is an extremely interesting and suitable location, and in their evaluation process it finally prevailed over a number of other interesting options in and outside Europe. "In addition to very good infrastructure and a high level of education, they we also draw on a broad talent pool in Cairo. The English language skills as well as the same time zone are good additions to the overall package," continues Gottfried Madl, board member and head of application services at Trimetis.

The Egyptian government and ITIDA (the government agency responsible for the development of the national IT industry) strongly support the investment projects as they will generate an additional $1 billion in digital export sales by 2025," explains Dr. Amr Talaat, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. In the heart of Egypt's vibrant capital, Cairo, the Egyptian President, government officials and renowned international IT companies recently attended a signing ceremony for start-ups in Egypt. ITIDA sealed an agreement with renowned international IT companies, including Trimetis AG, to invest in one of the most important business locations in the Middle East. "These agreements reflect Egypt's modern, sustainable business environment, as well as the confidence that international companies have in our pool of skilled, locally-based labour," comments Talaat.

Amr Mahfouz, Managing Director of ITIDA, states: "The current geopolitical risks are causing significant challenges and supply difficulties regarding distributed delivery locations, combined with the painful skills shortage around the globe. Our mission to support the development of the technology sector in Egypt has resulted in ITIDA being able to provide several players in the industry with access to highly competent, reliable professionals. Which consequently makes Egypt one of the best options for companies outsourcing parts of their business."