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Bypa-ss receives $1m funding

The app can change the healthcare system in Egypt, facilitating the exchange of medical information between patients and health professionals.
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Bypa-ss is a health tech company founded in 2019 in Menofia governorate by Andrew Saad, who saw the need for organizing health records when he was a medical student.

The company raised $1,000,000 in pre-seed funding and will use the money to expand faster in the Egyptian market.

The main product of the company, Health Tag, which works as both a mobile app and a physical card, gives patients the ability to have their medical records in the same place, no matter if they had had different physicians or visited different hospitals.

With this, health professionals will also be able to check the patient’s history in order to give the appropriate treatment. Patients can also pay for medical services digitally and get discounts up to 70%.

Bypa-ss’s total investment is at $1,15 million as they had gathered $150k from an angel round before the pre-seed.

Investors of the pre-seed round include Magic Fund, Acuity Ventures, Launch Africa, Plug and Play among others.

Egypt is expected to lead the way for health tech in the MENA region and Africa.