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Top 10 Global consumer trends of 2021

COVID-19 changed the ways consumers think and behave. Businesses need to cater to this and offer products and services that adapt to the new reality.
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Euromonitor International, released its annual report where it identifies emerging trends that are expected to gain popularity and traction in the year ahead.

Egypt Business Directory, brings you the summary of the 10 trends of 2021.

1) Build Back Better: Consumers now dont look at companies as revenue-driven, they want companies to protect the health and interests of the community as well as protect the planet.

2) Craving Convinience: The COVID pandemic made people crave convinience and ease, they were taking for granted before. Customer experience is now even more important than ever, it needs to ve convinient, resilient and swift across all channels.

3) Outdoor Oasis: consumers are looking for outdoor oasis for leisure. Business needs to take this in consideration especially in business and product development to cater to the trend of outdoor, rural cityescape.

4) Phygital Reality: It's a mix between digital and physical world where consumers can do everything both in physical and virtual worlds. Businesses need to integrate both spaces to cater to the new reality.

5) Playing With Time: Consumers are getting creative with their time to get everything done, businesses need to invest there. More flexible models of offering products and services from home or near home are needed.

6) Restless and Rebellious: Distrust in politics and leadership is the new normal. Businesses need to give space, correct marketing and voice to consumers and allow them to address misinformation.

7) Safety Obsessed: The COVID pandemic made everyone safety cautious and increased demand for hygiene. Contactless payments are among several meaures businesses can take to reassure consumers.

8) Shaken and Stirred: Consumers now have a more comprehensive understanding of themselves and their place in the world. Everyone is after a better lifestyle and mental wellbeing, Businesses can offer products and services that cater to these consumers and gain their trust.

9) Thoughtful Thrifters: Consumers are more cautious with their spending and prioritize health-conscious products. Businesses more than ever need to offer avlue for money, quality products that are affordable. They need to pay attention to health, wellness and self care.

10) Workplaces in new spaces: The shift in workplaces affected choices from clothing to technology to recreation and habits and more. Businesses that understand the challenges of the new setting and the need for work-life balance will come on top.