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Audio app Clubhouse now in Egypt

The new audio-app Clubhouse finally arrived in Egypt. Egypt Business Directory will host a session on digital marketing in Egypt next Saturday 11 am
© Clubhouse (screenshot)

Two weeks ago the new audio-app Clubhouse became open to Egyptian users. Starting next Saturday 11 am Egypt Business Directory will host a room moderated by Sherin Ewase where you will listen to the latest news on how to attract new customers and increase sales through digital marketing.

Clubhouse is an audio-based social network app released in 2020 by software company Alpha Exploration Co. People can discuss live with each other in digital, so-called "rooms". The format of the app is similar to that of a panel discussion, only, virtually.

So far, it is only possible for iPhone users after receiving an invitation (invite) from already registered users. An Android version is coming soon.

Registered users can create a profile, open new rooms together and announce their conversation topics in a calendar so that others can listen in. In the process, a moderator guides discussion by turning listeners into speakers or muting them again. Listeners can raise a hand to notify the moderator they want to be made a speaker.

The app is used by 6 million users among them Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Drake. It is valued at $1 billion at the moment.

Egypt Business Directory will host a session on digital marketing in Egypt starting next Saturday. Guided by Sherin Ewase and Torsten Schwarz, it will tackle subjects like marketing automation, search engine marketing, social media and mobile marketing. Lead tracking, touchpoint attribution and customer journey are important subjects as well as programmatic advertising, target group selection or retargeting.

You can read more about these in a recent paper by the German digital marketing expert Torsten Schwarz, here.