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Top 5 tech trends in 2021

COVID-19 might have acted as a catalyst to technological trends that were already in progress, pushing them to have a bigger role, faster.
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2020 has been so far, unpredictable, the spread of COVID-19 all over the globe has changed the way we go about our lives and has forced a big part of our lives to move online.

In 2021, we are expected to get a better handle on things with the help of technology. Bestselling author, futurist and technology advisor Bernard Marr states that COVID-19 might have acted as a catalyst to technological trends that were already in progress, however, the global need pushed them to have a bigger role, faster.

Marr predicted the below 5 trends will play the biggest role in 2021.

1- Artificial Intelligence:

AI is set to help us understand and interpret our new reality. Machine learning algorithms will be used to analyze and predict situations and solutions and help us make better decisions and predict shifts and changes to better adapt to them.


2- Robotics, drones and vehicle automation:

All are a necessity in this unique moment of history we are living. In public transport, care and assisted living and tasks that are now more difficult to be done by people for fear of infection, these technologies will be more and more in use.


3- SaaS (Software as a service)

This is one of the 3 components of cloud computing; in which you have a software you can use without maintaining infrastructure. An example of these is “Zoom” which rose to impressive standards of speed in adapting and development of its service; more and more similar as a service software will be available, opening a world of possibilities to everyone.


4- 5G:

Like 3G allowed better browsing and data services on mobile, and 4G allowed better streaming for video and music services, now comes 5G to allow more Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality services as well as better and more real gaming experiences. 5G is also needed to support the other trends that rely on a large amount of data.


5- Extended Reality and Virtual Reality:

When the user finds himself in a computer-generated environment, that’s VR but when computer-generated images are superimposed in his field of vision this is AR. These technologies can be used everywhere from education to trying things while shopping.