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Top 5 Digital trends in Egypt 2020

54 million Egyptians are online and 42 million are on social media, according to Digital 2020 report by We are social and Hootsuite.
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We are social and hootsuite released their annual "Digital in 2020" report that analyzes world statistics and trends in the digital industry.

Here are the top highlights for Egypt:

1- Mobile phone: Connections are at 91% penetration with almost 93 million users 90% of them have smartphones and 14% are using feature phones.

2- Internet and social media: Internet users in Egypt are about 54 million, 42 million of them are active on social media. In 1 year internet gained 10 million new users and social media gained 3 million. An average user is online 7 hours per day and on social media 3 hours per day.

3- Mobile internet: Users are about 51 million users, the speed of Mobile internet dropped in the last year by 0.5% while fixed connection speed increased by almost 300%. The most visited websited are Google, Facebook and Youtube respectively. 90% of the webtraffic is from android users while 10% from IOS.

4- Digital ads: Spending on digital ads in Egypt is valued at $845 million, Facebook has an ad reach of 38 million users while instagram ads reach 11 million, snapchat 6.3 million, Twitter 3.6 million and Linkedin 4.4 million.

5- E-commerce: 32% of Egyptians have an account with a financial institution while only 3.3% of the population have credit cards, 3.5% pay or buy online and only 1.8% users have mobile money accounts. Online shoppers shop mainly for fashion and beauty followed by electronics and 60% pay in cash while only 28% pay in card. The main sources for finding brands are search engines, ads on social media and then recommendations made on social media.

Globally, 4.5 billion users are online while 3.5 billion users are on social media. Unique mobile phone users are at 5.19 billion with a 67% penetration.

The world's top 3 most used social media are Facebook, Youtube and whatsapp; while the most popular apps are whatsapp, facebook and facebook messenger respecitively by active users.

For more info about more countries you can find the full report here.