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Egypt 8th safest country in the world

Egypt jumps up 8 places to be the 8th safest country in the world, beating USA, UK and most of Europe in Gallup’s report while expats ranked it at 52.
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Gallup’s Global Law and Order report 2019 ranked Egypt 8th safest country in the world out of 142 countries. Egypt gained the total score of 93 points on the Law and Order ranking with the country in the first place, Singapore, at 97 points.

This put Egypt as the safest country in Africa and the 2nd safest in the Arab world after UAE which came at 3rd place globally.

The report looks at how locals assess personal safety, how much faith they have in law enforcement and whether they had experience with crime.

On the other hand, a 2019 report by InterNations that focuses on best countries for expats ranked Egypt at 49th place overall and 52nd place in safety and security of expats out of 64 countries. Egypt ranked high on friendliness and ease of making friends, however, the only Arab country in the top 10 was Bahrain at number 7.

In an attempt to revive tourism, one of the main pillars of the Egyptian economy, the government put a lot of effort into instilling security especially around touristic cities and areas. For example, there are now more checkpoints outside big cities in Sinai and reinforced army and police presence around touristic landmarks; this besides all the efforts in reinforcing security at airports.