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From blog visitors to customers

These 3 simple strategies that payfort offers can help you convert your blog readers to consumers.
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It's the easiest and currently, the most common way of starting an e-business. You invest in a blog to establish a brand then turn it/ add to it a shop.

Payfort offers 3 ways you can turn your blog visitors into customers.

1- Make your content skim-able:

Readers want to get the point of the article quickly so make it easy for them by using short sentences use different headers and bullet points when you can and make sure your font is clear and visible.
Draw the attention to the important points by making them bold or using italics.

2- Link to products:

Add links in the right spot to direct the customers to your shop. Links in this case are not disruptive, instead, the guide the customers to the products they want easily without having to spend time looking for it.

3- Do some marketing:

posts, giveaways, interaction with customers by asking them to comment and share and replying to them.. all these strategies help you spread the word about your products and build confidence and rapport with your followers.