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Can you market online to older generations?

Can e-commerce in the Middle East target 45+ users? Payfort has the answer on how to target one of the wealthiest consumer segments in the region.
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Can e-commerce in the Middle East reach consumers in the age range of 45-72? Payfort has the answers on how to target those consumers who have a significant buying power and represent a big segment of the market in the region.

The first tip Payfort offers is never to stereotype them. You may think that the majority of this age group are offline shoppers however a report by KPMG in 2017 stated that people over 54 years old have equal chances of shopping online as millennials do, the only difference is that they tend to spend even more per transaction!

This generation tend to prefer Facebook to any other social media platform a study showed that 70% of people over 45 in the Middle East use Facebook on regular basis, they spend an average of 20 minutes on it and are more likely than others to read and share posts!

40% of this generation is also on Youtube regularly and they have an advantage to marketers over other generations that use Youtube, Patience! They are more willing to spend a longer time on youtube to dive deeper into the subject of their interest.