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7 ways to sell through Instagram

Social media users have the worst conversion rate but it's where most potential customers are. Compass has 7 tips to help you get their attention.
Using social media for marketing your products just makes sense, it’s where people spend most of their time online and where you’ll most likely get them to see what you offer.

However, it’s not that simple! Compass research has concluded that the conversion of social media users to online stores is the worst. Social media research has also shown that “people miss as much as 70% of what happens in their feeds” according to Compass.

That’s why Compass offered us 7 essentials tips to grow your sales from the social medium that gathers as many 700 million active users/month.

1- Engaging content comes first:

Offer your potential consumers ads that promote interesting content that fits your products to get their attention. It might be one extra step then selling to them directly but according to Compass it will allow you to filter the audience and reach those who are really interested.

2- Monitor the click rate:

The quality of your post can be determined by what is called the Click Through Rate (CTR). It’s the percentage of people who clicked on the advert they saw in their feed. If you have a business account on Instagram, the app offers you some insights about your posts. The average CTR is 0.6% if the audience finds your content interesting the result should be about 2%.

3- Monitor the bounce rate:

The bounce rate is the percentage of users who left your website without any action, if it’s higher than 60% you need to work on your website.

4- Work on increasing the conversion rate:

Focus on converting your visitors into buyers, if they are engaging with your content this shouldn’t be very difficult.

5- Compare customer acquisition cost with the customer lifetime value:

The CAC is how much you spend on your Instagram ad campaign to make sales, it should always be below the lifetime value of the individual customer.

6- Evaluate your targets:

Are they valuable to your business, do they spend enough in your store? Maybe you need to target a different group of consumers. You need to evaluate how much money you make per customer and how much money is the Instagram ad campaign bringing you.

7- Evaluate your ROI:

All the analytical steps above should help you evaluate your return on investment to know how much you earn for every amount you invest.