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Your business needs VIDEO

Forbes study shows that video is THE 2017 business trend. Higher viewership, higher ROI and 53 times more likely to be picked by Google.

Forbes magazine said it first, in 2017 Video will be king and you need to include it in your business or you will miss out. Here are the statistics to convince you:

A Forbes study found that about 80% of the people are viewing online videos now more than a year ago.
75% of businessmen watch work related videos on business website and 55% of them watches these videos on youtube at least weekly.

More than 65% of the respondents visited a vendor's website after watching a video. Over 50% of the consumers view the whole video, while less read a whole article or view a whole blog.

However, Forbes experts say you shouldn't use the usual advertising video, but rather use video as medium to inform your audience or answer consumer questions. It is a great way to boost sales and proven to have higher ROI.

Including video also gives you a 53% higher chance of being picked up by google than a video-less website.

image via: Respondr