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Buying a group Odheya online is now possible

Under the supervision of Al-Azhar, Sahem social network for charity allows you to create a group and buy an Odheya together.
Eid is approaching and you don't have an odheya? has the solution for you!!

Sahem, A social network for charity, launched a new campaign for group donations for Odheya Sukok, instead of buying an animal which has become quite costly you can, along with others, donate the equivalent of one animal so that the meat reaches those who really need it.

The idea is the user can create his own page and invite people to donate. Every seven donations (Sukook) equal one calf which is then given to the poor and needy. The donations go directly into the bank account of the Egyptian Food Bank.

The technical manager of the website, Mohamed Othman stated that the payments are done via bank cards on the bank's webpage for maximum security for the user.

"We will soon launch similar initiative in the whole Arab World" Othman added.

Sahem serves a social network in Arabic specifically dedicated to charity. The new project is in partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank, Bait Al-Zakah and under the supervision of Al-Azhar's Imam.

Checkout the website here