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What to expect at Cisco connect Egypt 2016?

Digital transformation is the main theme of the conference which is held on 1-2 June.The event is an extension of Cisco Expo Cairo.
Cisco Connect Egypt 2016 will be held in Cairo on 1-2 June supporting Egypt's status as the tech-hub of the MENA region. Cisco connect an extension to Cisco Expo conference which was held in Egypt before. The conference will discuss a wide range of topics relating to digital transformation and infrastructure.

Silicon21 will participate as a golden sponsor to the conference which will be held at the Royal
Palace Kimpinski.

Connect 2016 will discuss Cisco's international strategy for cloud computing, data centres of today and tomorrow, digital economy security and the importance of the new generation FireWalls. The conference will also focus on the era of digitalization and how to benefit from it by building smart and connected communities.

Digital transformation has become a necessity for governmental and non-governmental institutions that aim to provide and improve its services to its users. It is not just about using technology inside the institution, digital transformation is rather a comprehensive programme that affects the internal operations of the institution and how it offers services to its target audience for fast, more secure and efficient services.

The event will be attended by CEOs and IT experts from all over the world.

Image via Shutterstock/AFANASEV IVAN