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Egypt's online shopping trends

Payfort partnered with Yaoota search engine to map Egyptian online shoppers' characteristics and habits.
Payfort, in cooperation with Yaoota, released an infographic mapping the characteristics and habits of Egyptian online shoppers.

Findings showed that most shoppers are young, 75% are less than 35 years' old. They come from urban areas in Egypt and they are divided almost equally between male and female.

Egyptian women are more attracted to shopping websites than other genres.

Egypt has more than 450 online websites like Jumia, Yashry, and compu me. Egyptians mostly buy fashion items and electronic gadgets. The most popular item in search was mobile phones, especially Iphone 6.

Egyptians tend to buy products that offer more value for money much more than they buy flagship products. Payfort stated that Sony Xperia phones were more popular in sales than Iphone for examples.

Another finding was that Egyptian shopping habits were seasonal, for example, sales of fans and air conditioners were more popular in spring and summer, while buying laptops for example was popular with the start of schools.

However, the study showed that e-commerce figures in Egypt are still low as total monthly visitors don't exceed 18 million.

To see the infographic click here.