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MENA employment trends 2016

Payfort offers the most important recruitment trends in MENA 2016 based on an annual report by LinkedIn.
Payfort | 18.04.2016
LinkedIn recently released their annual report covering employment trends across the MENA region. PAYFORT transformed the data into a simple Infographic (Click to see it) to help you take your business forward. Here are some of the highlights:

1- Employers are looking for quality: That's right, quality is the most valuable metric and it covers employee retention. Employers also look for the employee who can contribute to their branding.

2- Top obstacles: there is not enough budget to compensate talent, there are only a few qualified candidates in high demand fields and employers are losing out to competitors.

3- Recruiting trends include: utilizing social and professional network and employer branding are in the lead.

4- MENA leaders are quite confident when it comes to quality of hire, they measured it at 43% while the global average is 33%.