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What is Egypt's 2030 vision about?

The vision includes social, economic and environmental dimensions. More focus on education, research and increasing GDP growth.
A society based on science and technology, a transparent government, a thriving economy based on wise management of resources; this is the vision foe Egypt in 2030.

The vision includes raising Egypt's GDP growth to reach 12% up from 4.2% and to lower the budget deficit to 2.2% from 11.5%.

The vision has three strategic dimensions economic, environmental and social.

The economic dimension is based on the vision that by 2030 Egypt will be a market economy that is characterized by diversity, competitiveness and a stable macroeconomic environment.

The energy sector would comprise traditional and renewable resources used efficiently and keeping up with international trends. Science, technology and research receive great attention in the 2030 vision, promoting the value of knowledge and using it to meet national objectives.

Government reform is also part of the vision. Efficient administration that satisfies citizens' needs with transparency and fairness.The second dimension is the environmental one. The website set up by the government doesn't explain what is the vision for environmental development, however, the dimension includes urban development that aims to accommodate Egypt's growing population and improve their life quality.

The social dimension focuses on social justice, health and development of a universal health care system, education and training to lower unemployment and illiteracy rates and a cultural aspect centering around respect for diversity.

This vision was launched by President AbdelFattah El-Sisi in his speech at the end of February, however, the plans for working on this vision were announced at the economic summit that was held in Sharm El-Sheikh last year.

In a paper by Nehal El-Megharbel, deputy to the Minister of planning, Monitoring and administrative reform about the sustainable development strategy 2030, she talked about the six mega projects that Egypt is undertaking. The first being the Suez Canal project including the international city that is set to be built in Suez. Other projects include reclamation of a million feddan, building one million housing units, creating 4,800km of road networks, developing the golden mining triangle and the north-west coast development project .

Amid dollar crises, suffering tourism and lowered expectations for growth, it remains unclear whether the vision 2030 can be attained.