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#UpgradeYourself with Windows 10

Use the hashtags to get new Microsoft products during the competition that will end mid December.
Microsoft Egypt | 15.11.2015
Microsoft had announced a competition to encourage updating to Windows 10 between 8 November and until mid December.

The competition aims to demonstrate the difference between generations while showing the main differences between outdated systems and the new systems offered by Microsoft.
Through preparing a trailer video the campaign aims to encourage upgrading old Windows systems to the new Windows 10.

The competition also shows how complicated old systems were when compared to the new Microsoft products.

Users have shown great interest in the campaign by posting videos and pictures of their old devices and software using the hashtags (#Windows10 #UpdateYourself #dogreatthings #Microsoft) on social media platforms. By posting these videos users might get the chance to receive new products.

Users can upgrade to Windows 10 and within 31 days if they were not satisfied and preferred restoring their old system it is also possible. Until now upgrading to Windows 10 is optional and with the new year Windows 10 will be a "recommended update".

Check out the video:

Image via Shutterstock/Anton Watman