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Konnecti aims to be for business owners

Backed by Dave McClure and 500 Startups, Konnecti wants to be the B2B Yelp for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs).
Konnecti | 26.09.2014
You can use it to build an online company profile for your business that revolves around inbound, verified, third party ratings and case studies from all the people you’ve done business with. For premium users Konnecti then matches you to companies that aren’t getting the service you provide or are unhappy with the service they are currently getting (based on the ratings they’ve given) and your track record (based on the ratings you’ve received).

Konnecti surpassed its seed round goal of $500,000 with participation from remarkable investors like 500 Startups and Dave McClure (who is also an advisor to Konnecti) as well as several prominent angel investors.

Built out of a fusion between Karim Elsahy, long time entrepreneur turned investor turned entrepreneur and current fellow at the prestigious Society of Kauffman Fellows (A Silicon Valley based society for Venture Capitalists for which Dave McClure is also his mentor) and the founding tech team of that brought us (a political debate platform that got massive traction with nearly 20 million monthly active users).

“Its inbound marketing that people tend to trust because of the social connectivity.” explains Karim Elsahy, “If someone I know, whose business acumen I respect and trust, rates an online marketing company well I will most likely be more inclined to use them. Konnecti is just a platform that lets what naturally happens in the business world happen in a trusted space that can be indexed, awarded weights and pushed based on good fits.”

“I think Karim can become the next tech rockstar. A rainmaker, a dreamer, and a doer rolled into one is a rare thing.” Says Ahmed Alfi, Konnecti investor and Chairman at Sawari Ventures.

To date Konnecti managed to sign up over 7% of the companies in it’s trial city of Atlanta in under two months, is now in four other US cities, and is gearing up to launch nationwide.