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Egypt's innovation ascends 9 places in a year

Egypt ranks 99 out of 142 countries in the Global Innovation Index 2014, going up 9 places compared to last year’s rank of 108.

Over the course of the last six years, the Global Innovation Index (GII) has established itself as a leading reference on innovation for researchers and for public and private decision makers. It has evolved into a valuable benchmarking tool to facilitate public-private dialogue. The GII recognizes the key role of innovation as a driver of economic growth and prosperity, and adopts an inclusive, horizontal vision of innovation applicable to both developed and emerging economies.

Egypt has been highlighted as a country where research and innovation are geographically unequal or centered. “Talented innovators tend to cluster in the same places, even at the same institutions,” according to the report. This pattern has occurred throughout history and around the world, as can alsp be found in the chronicles of China, Greece, India, and Italy, and more recently Vienna.

Egypt’s main strengths lay in:

- Pupil-teacher ratio in secondary schools (Rank 39)

- QS university ranking (Rank 44)

- Information and communication technologies (Rank 48), especially in government online services (42) and E-participation (15)

- Knowledge-intensive employment (Rank 36)

- State of cluster development (Rank 45)

- JV-strategic alliance deals/tr (Rank 35)

- Citable documents H index (Rank 48)

- Royalty & license fees receipts (Rank 34)

- Cultural & creative services exports (Rank 31)

Egypt’s weaknesses were in:

- Institutions in general (Rank 133), especially in political environment (136), political stability (135) and press freedom (130)

- Regulatory environment (Rank 131), especially in cost of redundancy dismissal, salary weeks (135)

- Ease of resolving insolvency (Rank 125)

- Gross capital formation (Rank 125)

- Market sophistication (Rank 141)

- Investment (Rank 138)

- Venture capital deals (Rank 64)

- Intensity of local competition (Rank 123)

- University/industry research collaboration (Rank 127)

- FDI net inflows (Rank 138)

- Global ent. & media output (Rank 52)

- Country-code TLDs (Rank 129)