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Ashoka calls for nominations of social entrepreneurs

Ashoka Arab World is looking for nominations of social entrepreneurs for its fellowship program.
Ashoka Arab World | 21.07.2014
Ashoka is searching for nominations of social entrepreneurs in Egypt and all the Arab countries to elect them to the Ashoka Fellowship. Ashoka is the global community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, men and women with system changing solutions to society’s most pressing social problems, in other words individuals who know what is not working in their societies and develop innovative, replicable solutions that change the system and eliminate the problem from it root cause rather than addressing the symptoms. Social entrepreneurs’ solutions serve as the new patterns and trends of societies in any given sector.

Ashoka Arab World is calling for nominations of candidates, who have:
1. New Idea The idea must be truly innovative and leading to a system change within the sector and the country of the candidate, not just a modification of a current approach.

2. Creativity The candidate has to have a track record of being creative, in their vision and in problem solving.

3. Entrepreneurial Quality The candidate has to be completely committed to realizing his or her vision and able to tackle practical challenges via entrepreneurial skills like risk taking, persistence, tenacity and initiative.

4. Social Impact of the Idea Candidates must have started implementing their ideas and proven that it works. The idea must be addressing an important, pressing social problem with a potential wide-scale impact and replication in the future.

5. Ethical Fiber The candidate must be trustworthy, dependable and honest. Ashoka does not engage anyone with a track record of violence or corruption.

Ashoka provides these leading social entrepreneurs with a professional support network to help them scale up their models increase their outreach and deepen their impact. This includes a peer network of 3,000 + like-minded leading social entrepreneurs, Ashoka Fellows, in 70 countries across the globe, a three-year stipend, media and marketing exposure, legal and technical assistance, and more!

If you know a social entrepreneur who fits the Ashoka criteria, then nominate him/her for the Ashoka Fellowship today!

Ashoka Arab World has currently 83 Fellows, in 9 Arab countries (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia). These social entrepreneurs work in various sectors, changing systems and tipping sectors for the benefit of all in health, environment, housing, children and youth, education, civic engagement, gender parity, education, job creation and income generation and others.

Do you know a person who…
Is creative, persistent, and dedicated to a social cause?
Has a new idea to fix a critical social problem?
Has started implementing this idea and made a positive change in the community?
Has the passion to make his idea a new norm and pattern across the globe?

Is ethical and trustworthy?

If yes, then join Ashoka’s nominators’ network to SUPPORT Ashoka select and propel forward trustworthy candidates with bright ideas and innovative solutions in the Arab World, whom we are in great need of as we re-build our region

NOMINATE a social entrepreneur you know to the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship through or write to Ashoka Search and Selection team at for further inquiries no later than August 1st, 2014.

ASHOKA believes in an “Everyone A Changemaker”™ world. It is the largest platform for social entrepreneurs across the globe. Since being established more than 30 years ago, Ashoka has supported nearly 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs - elected as Ashoka Fellows - in 80 countries. Ashoka is the professional home for entrepreneurial individuals from both the business and social sectors; a platform for the growing global network of people dedicated to creating systemic change.

Ashoka Arab World (AAW), launched in 2003, is the regional branch of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since its inception, AAW has identified and elected more than 80 of the region’s leading social entrepreneurs in 9 Arab countries. The social entrepreneurs Ashoka elects become Ashoka Fellows for life.