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Facebook for Business releases Ramadan-infographic

Besides the Brazil World Cup craze, Facebook tries to attract marketers in MENA with newly released Ramadan stats.

In an effort to promote advertising in the summer, Facebook targets marketers in the Arab World via an infographic portraying user stats and reach during Ramadan in the Middle East and North Africa. The initiative appears about a month before the Holy Month kicks off, telling marketers to extend and amplify TV reach via the social network.

“Technology and tradition are coming together, with mobile proving itself to be a game-changer across the Middle East,” Facebook stated in its release a few days ago. “In fact, according to IPSOS, 77% of Facebook’s 30.3m monthly users in UAE, KSA and Egypt are using Facebook during prime time, with 3.3x more second-screeners than Twitter.”

As Ramadan is not only known for its spiritual meaning, but also for the primetime of Arabic television series, Facebook tries to woo marketers in TV-related fields and explains: “Chatter about popular TV shows spikes during Ramadan, as does talk of Ramadan and Eid [mainly driven my males]. Fifty-six percent of that chatter comes from 25-44 year-olds.”

Facebook also gives its marketing audience three tips: People will be on mobile this Ramadan, a TV strategy is no longer enough, and it is important to use the platform’s targeting and planning tools to own key moments alongside TV and the summer football.

Here is the infographic:

Inforgraph via Facebook