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Who are Egypt's millionaires 2013?

Egypt has seven known billionaires, according to Forbes Middle East – but what about its most prominent millionaires?
<p>To download the free report about Egypt’s 16 Richest Men, please visit: <a href=
"" target="_blank">Egypt’s 16 richest men</a>.</p><br><p>The richest man of Egypt in 2013 is Nassef Sawiris, with an estimated wealth of $6.5 billion, followed by his brother Naguib Sawiris at $2.5 billion. Next in line are Mohamed Mansour, Onsi Sawiris, Yasseen Mansour, Youssef Mansour, and Mohamed ElFayed. To read more about Egypt’s billionaires, please visit: <a href=
"" target="_blank">Egypt’s 6 richest men in 2013</a>.</p><br>

<p>Forbes Middle East gave an account of the Arab World’s 100 Richest Men. Egypt was represented 14 times. Here are the ones that followed the aforementioned billionaires:</p><br>
<img src="" align="right" style="padding-bottom:0.5em;" /><p>1. <b>Raouf Ghabbour</b>: Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and Founder of Ghabbour Auto. <i> Est. Wealth: $167.4 mln</i></p><br>
<p>2. <b>Sadek Sewedy</b>: Chairman of ElSewedy Industries Group. <i> Est. Wealth: $149 mln</i></p><br>
<p>3. <b>Ahmed Sewedy</b>: CEO and Managing Director at ElSewedy Electro-meter. <i> Est. Wealth: $149 mln</i></p><br>
<p>4. <b>Soliman Abdel Mohsen</b>: Shareholder in multiple companies, such as Citadel Capital, 6 October for Development and Investment and GB Auto. <i> Est. Wealth: $136.7 mln</i></p><br>
<p>5. <b>Mohamed Farid Khamis</b>: Founder of Oriental Weavers. <i> Est. Wealth: $116.1 mln</i></p><br>
<p>6. <b>Mohamed Ebeid ElMella</b>: Shareholder in multiple companies, such as Unikai, United Foods, Dubai Insurance, Dubai Development and others. <i> Est. Wealth: $115.4 mln</i></p><br>
<p>7. <b>Mohamed Sewedy</b>: Vice Chairman & Managing Director of ElSewedy Group. <i> Est. Wealth: $110.2 mln</i></p><br></body></html>