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Buzan: Egypt, invest in your 95 million brains

Tony Buzan, inventor of Mindmaps, tells Egyptians how to be creative and successful.
Tony Buzan

“Egypt has 95 million brains, endless natural resources and minerals, tremendous energy, great potential – it has everything a phenomenal opportunity needs. And it is competing against countries, like Singapore, who have none of these privileges,” Buzan explained at Nexus’ event iForum. The reason Egypt is not ahead of Singapore – for instance – is because Egypt does not invest in its 95 million brains.

Explaining and emphasizing on meta-cognition (“Thinking about thinking”), Buzan aimed at explaining to his audience how to enhance their creativity and thus, invest in their brain. As the founder and creator of a technique called MindMaps, he stated: “Businesses are going down because they use the wrong creativity-formula. For instance, in companies, 99.9% of intellectual capital is asleep because people take notes in only one color – mostly blue or black.”

MindMapping helps putting ideas or notes to paper in a way that suits the processes in the human brain. In a recent study in Mexico, this type of note-taking and documenting increased young children’s creativity and performance in school by about 300%. Here is an example:


“A good businessperson is a brilliant scientist, because when you know how to experiment, you will know how to adapt, be creative and develop,” Buzan explains. “Business-people around the world are described as "greys", suits, left-brain or 24/7 – mainly without color. To be successful, make sure you are the person that you are; be as colorful as you are.”

Learning how to mindmap gives wings to your mind, according to Buzan.

Stay tuned to Egypt Business Directory to find out how and when to mindmap.

Until then, here is a bit more about Tony Buzan:

6th of October Bridge
MindMap of Tony Buzan’s C.V.