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Google: We want YouTube to stay open in Egypt

Google released an official statement in response to the court-ordered ban of YouTube in Egypt.

The official statement read:

"Every day, millions of Egyptians use YouTube to watch and share videos, run businesses and express different opinions. As we have discussed with the Egyptian government, while we support the greatest access to information, we have a simple process to enable legal authorities to request that we restrict access to content they believe is illegal.

We support any effort, including the government’s filing an impediment (a stay on the court order), to keep YouTube open in Egypt.

Everyone recognizes the economic and social value of YouTube for millions of Egyptians.

Should the government wish to restrict the video we have a take down process that they can go through to flag any content the believe is illegal."

An Egyptian court ordered the ban of YouTube in Egypt for one month, as a punishment for showing a video about Prophet Mohamed.